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Step 1

Once enlisted as a writer in the Pepper Cloud, you will receive work assignments in regular intervals. The work assignments will provide you a rough sketch along with the clients' expectations and adherence to deadlines will be a key evaluative parameter.

Step 2

We at Pepper, will be tracking a few key performance metrics for every writer in our system. Creating high quality content that engages readers, fast turnaround times along with prompt replies are key deteriments for us.

Step 3

We have a strict anti-plagiarism policy and believe in the art of creating intuitive and original content. All work related correspondence will occur through mail.

Step 4

Payments will be done in periodic intervals and based on your previous work experiences with us, you will accordingly be rewarded.


Q. Is Pepper a full-time job opportunity or is it freelance? Are there any age restrictions?

A. Pepper is a freelance opportunity and is a work-from-home job that pays you for every word you write. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to build a body of published work that can build your professional proifle in terms of writing expertise. No, there are no age restrictions. For us here at Pepper, only writing matters.

Q. What are your rates per word?

A. Rates vary with each project, depending on the level of complexity of the brief, whether the brief requires specific niche expertise, and the amount of research needed to produce the content. We have tailored rates for each project and if you're onboarded as a writer, the rates at which you will be paid will be clearly mentioned.

Q. What do I do after the registeration?

A. After you fill the typeform below, you will receive a mail from our side within the next working 5 days wherein you'll be given set instructions about how to proceed. You'll have to go through our editorial tests, following which you will be conveyed the result of your application.

Q. What will be the frequency of the work allotted, if I am selected as a writer for Pepper Cloud? What will be the tenure of my position as a writer in Pepper

A. The work frequency is not fixed as such. It depends on the volume of work we are recieving from our clients. You can expect a minimum of 1000 words each week and which will grow as your tenure increases. Your tenure at Pepper is varied on your availability and comfort. But, you will only be eligible for a Certificate of Experience and detailed reccomendations in cases of high performances, if you cover a working experience of atleast six months.

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