Content Marketing

Move Beyond Keywords

Decipher Customers rather than SEO

Most individuals and companies are upping up their branding strategies and in the process, are ignoring their core competencies. With over thousands of variables determining the SEO algorithm and an array of companies claiming to have cracked the SEO code, there is a strong need for realising that instead of focussing in-depth on comprehensive strategies and hacks for enhancing search page results, one needs to evaluate on parameters like authority and relevance of the content you are putting up. One needs to invest more time in understanding and deciphering customers rather than try to up their game through means of SEO.

Long gone are the times when keywords were primary indicators for a functional and improved SEO. We need to take into cognizance that customers aren’t born in a vacuum and nor do they habitat one. With each and every user on social media essentially becoming a customer when it comes to retail online marketing, a brand’s messages, ideas along with propagated discussions are getting inundated. One needs to focus on different stages of the consumer and figure out what drives their curiosity and what is creating the need for the consumer to utilize my product/services. A probable way for that could be onsite surveys which engage customers in a powerful way to gain substantial understanding about their preferences. Evaluating on your content strategy and aligning it with the customer’s journey is one of the main essentialities, one should put emphasis on. This helps uncover any gaps in your strategy along with streamlining customers’ decision process. One also needs to get answers to whether prospective buyers require for a stronger variation in the content theme or are they looking at something better. One needs to understand that your most influential site visitors i.e. the search engines, require for customer validation and content in qualitative metric and not quantitative.

Often, questions equating the importance of specific promotion of SEO and Digital Marketing come into picture with companies unable to make a strong decision with respect to pursuing which domain better. There are 2 billion searches per day with over 10-15% click contextual ads. With an approximate 1% click on banners, which is constantly fluctuating between 0.15-1.5%, only 10.5% people make it to page 2 when searching for something. Top 5 spots make up for 70% of the click throughs, and though it’s an overstated fact that social media has probably overhyped SEO, its relevance can’t be disproved.

We believe that today brands over-sell the notion of ‘Customer is King’, but in reality, they are ‘Kingmakers’. It’s the brands that are anointed as the highest authority by these Kingmakers. If brands want to become successful, instead of deciphering SEO algorithms and keywords, what they need to focus in depth is, Human Intuition and Mnemonics. Mnemonics is the study and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory. Brands need to figure out innovative ways that get into customer memory and leave a lasting impression. Hence, decipher customers rather than SEO.